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Great game, but WAY too short!

I was pulled in to this game because I like mappable dungeons... and I saw the minimaps on the screens. Great, give it a try. I loved it! The game did not disappoint - well-designed monsters, nice dungeons that weren't too long, interesting item lists (although Kemco games typically have the same types of items, just different names - which is fine with me)... and I was having a great time with it - until I beat the final boss in just 15 hours. I didn't purchase anything either - it was just too short. Really disappointing; because this one had so much promise. If there is a Tears Revolude 2 I will buy it, but hope it is a little longer. Also - what's up with Michelle's VOICE? She sounds like a man doing a woman's voice. Surely there was an available deep-voiced actress available in Higashihiroshima...? That really bothered me, because I kept waiting for the, to reveal something about Michelle that never came... Very, very strange choice for a voice for a beautiful woman. Otherwise, the voices were great and their Japanese was clear and easy to understand.


Hi guys I'm Tom. Tears is the BEST GAME I ever played by far this game is the I been for waiting for a long while now I finally found it A SUPREME GEM great job guys.




It ok the Controls are a little weird the magnification part is weird but it's an all right game

Great game

My only complaint is a lack of an overworld map.

Another great RPG from kemco

Wasn't sure about this one but turned out great just lil short for me though

A decent rpg.

I thought maybe there wasn't an orphan this time, but nope, it's kemco so there has to be an orphan. Still, it's a little different from the usual...but it's pretty repetitive—menu town, dungeon with a boss and some dialogue. Also, the draupner item is supposed to double your skill earned but it doesn't work. On the positive, no crashing on 8.4 iPad Air. There is fair customization with the weapons and such...skills get developed with use which is cool, gets me using them much more but that is also kind of annoying...mixed bag. Would be nice to know what the next skill level would get me to see if I want to get it.

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